Lucy V an Pelt

"Flower Child Lucy"

Lucy was completed and installed in the garden of The Portage For Youth in Dayton's Bluff... another one of the Peanut's characters of Charles Schultz... in the continuing drive to raise funds in his memory... These funds will be used for scholarships, a school, and a permanent memorial to Charles Schultz, here in St. Paul where Schultz was born.

The artist is Amy R. Handford. She painted Thespian Snoopy, who also resides in Dayton's Bluff and is  permanently installed in the Mounds Theater now that the restoration of the theater building is completed...

Please take note of Lucy's sign... it reads "Peace and Girls Rule!"... very appropriate for this woman....Her dress is actually real denim and she even has toes and sports a toe ring! Quite the "Flower Child",