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Thespian Snoopy

The beagle has landed at the Mounds Theater on Old Hudson Road in Dayton's bluff. The "Thespian" Snoopy dressed to represent Olivier's 1940's rendition of "Hamlet", was done by artist Amy R. Handford, He was sponsored by the "Portage for Youth", Donavan Cummings of Edina Realty, and an anonymous donor.

The "Hamlet" snoopy is sporting a dark pageboy wig, a mustache, a black velvet cape, a velvet hat with peacock feathers, various pieces of jewelry, striped doublets, a purple wainscot, black tights , a jeweled sword( with a leather belt), lace shirt with lace cuffs and collar, and a script of "Hamlet" (with the woodstock players) that starts out- " to Beagle or not to Beagle". The concept came from Laurence Olivier's rendition of "Hamlet" from the 1940's.

The Portage for Youth is a program that works with at risk girls and they have taken on the daunting task of renovating the Old Mounds  Theater. The theater  is used for many events including live theater productions. The "Hamlet" Snoopy is a perfect fit for them. Donavan Cummings was an area resident and realtor who was very active in different neighborhood groups and projects. 

The "Thespian" Snoopy may be viewed at The Mounds Theater on Hudson Road.

Thespian Snoopy was unveiled at the Dayton's Bluff Summer Fest on August 12.  After he received his clear coat, he is in residence at the Mounds Theater building at 1029 Hudson Road, St Paul. 

Go to the "Portage for Youth" web site for current theater and Snoopy updates.... Thespian Snoopy Sponsored by the Portage for Youth and Donavan Cummings